Solutionized Heat Treatment

GATPL is catering to Solutionizing and Artificial Ageing of Aluminium Alloy parts with In-house heat treatment processes. NADCAP certification is under progress

We provide services like Annealing, Solutionizing and Artificial Ageing to Aluminium Alloy Structural parts in our Drop Bottom Quenching Furnace.Our Heat Treatment processes and procedures are as per NADCAP and AMS requirements. Process controls achieve conformity to the most Global Standards, Process documentation and Traceability

Features of Drop Bottom Furnace for Aluminium Alloy Parts

  • Al Alloy Solution Heat Treatment to achieve various T3, T4, T42 & T6 conditions
  • Quench delay 07 secs
  • Charge basket size 1500 X 1000 X 1000 mm L X W X H
  • Maximum temperature of 650oC
  • Temperature Uniformity of ±5oC for Solution Treatment
  • Temperature Uniformity of ±3oC for Ageing
  • Quench media standard Water and Glycol mixture for Structural parts
  • "N" type Thermocouples
  • Electronic data logger
  • Fully automated with PLC & SCADA.

Our Capabilities :

  • Annealing of all types of Al Alloys
  • Solutionized Heat treatment to various " T " conditions
  • Artificial ageing