GATPL Aero-structure assembly plant is planned for a built-up area of 40,000 square feet, with plans to increase capacity to 60,000 square feet in the future. We offer Build-to-Print (BTP) manufacturing services for Aerospace Programs

Our SEZ unit is planned in Adibhatla, Hyderabad in Samuha Engineering SEZ land (1.0 Acre) with a potential to build 25,000 Square feet, for export orders

GATPL has planned for manufacture of aero structure assemblies such as Fuselage & wing related assemblies, Horizontal and vertical stabilizer, Rudder ad passenger / Cargo doors

As part of the aero-structures assembly business requirement, we ensure training of our employees and have established robust training programs, to ensure the required skill levels to attain high quality standards

  • Drilling
  • Reaming
  • Counter sinking
  • Counter boring
  • Riveting - Solid / Blind
  • Hi-Shear Bolt Installation
  • Bolt and Nut Installation
  • Nut plate Installation
  • Sealant Application
  • Fay seal/Fillet Seal/Cap Seal
  • Equipping
  • Mechanical Assemblies and Electrical Harness
  • Fit Check