Quality Policy

GATPL is committed to provide engineering, manufacturing solutions and services that fully meet the requirements of the customer's expectations through continuous improvement of skills, technology and process

  • We as a team, work closely with our customers and suppliers to establish the highest quality standards and rectify the nonconformities by identifying root cause and taking corrective action.
  • We continuously monitor and improve our performance through measurement of customer satisfaction feedback. We ensure our employees are adequately trained and provided with various domain work, continuous learning and opportunities.
  • The company will constantly review and improve on our services to ensure that the operation is completed in the most cost effective way with maximal benefit to the customers.

Tool Quality Assurance

Typical Compliance documents

  • Process Certification
  • Material Certification (if applicable)
  • Paint Certification (if applicable)
  • Certification for all Special Processes
  • Certification of Heat Treatment