Hydraulic Press

We have installed Barani make 1000T double action rubber forming hydraulic press, for pressing all types of parts up to 1800 X 1200mm size. Press capable of forming various types of 3D Contours of Aluminium and Titanium alloy Parts


  • 1000 Tonnes Capacity Servo Hydraulic Deep drawing and Rubberized Forming
  • Rubberized Forming of Aluminium alloy sheet metal components of size 1500mm x 900mm
  • Vertical Stroke 500 mm and Day light 900mm
  • Speed and Pressure of Forming variable for smooth and wrinkle free formation of parts with controlled spring back in rubberized forming
  • Die cushion Cylinder provisioned in Bottom Platen for Deep Drawing operations
  • Die Cushion table 1000 X 750 mm L X W
  • Die Cushion cylinder Stroke 250 mm for drawing operations

Our Capabilities :

  • 3D Contour Forming of all types of Aerospace Sheet metal parts by Rubberized Forming process
  • Deep drawing of various types of components for Defence, Aerospace and other Commercial applications