CNC Router

CNC Router model FlexiCAM Stealth Aero 2030 to cater to the Aerospace Sheet metal needs of our Customers, with a powerful 12 KW high speed spindle and ALPHACAM Software all the sheet metal jobs envisaged can be easily carried out

FlexiCAM Stealth Aero XL - 2030 CNC ROUTER Specifications :

  • Bed size 3138 X 2259 mm L X W
  • Z - Axis Clearance 200 mm
  • Spindle Power 12 KW
  • Spindle Speeds up to 24000 rpm
  • Tabletop has vacuum Grid, Threaded holes & Multiple vacuum zones individually controllable
  • Maximum Speeds X and Y axes 54 Mts / min
  • 10 positions ATC
  • Nesting and Routing Programmes with powerful AlphaCAM CNC Programming software

Our Capabilities :

  • Carryout Programming and Routing of the requisite Blanks / Flat Patterns / Extrusions to Aerospace Standards and Tolerance requirements
  • Composite parts machining / trimming and flex core machining