Consumer Products

We design and develop mechanical aspects of products for electronic consumer goods, medical devices, Home and office furniture, home appliances and kitchen equipment. We focus on Aesthetics, Form, Fit, Function, Material and Manufacturing process aspects of design and development for these products. We emphasize on aspects of design for variants, integration of electronics, safety, adherence to Standards and product durability. We are a one-stop shop for product design, engineering and prototyping. We bank on our experience in manufacturing to design products that work flawlessly and are manufacturer-ready for High volume production

Developing optimised solutions for exceptional products is our moto. As part of our mechanical engineering services, we offer a vast range of engineering solutions to meet the diverse business needs of our customers


  • Product Development in CAD environment
  • Product Analysis and optimization thru CAE ;
  • Manufacturing drawing creation
  • Animation, CAD-related services
  • Product Customization
  • Partnered prototyping capabilities