Gowra Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Gowra Aerospace Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are part of Gowra group of companies, having diversified Engineering support services to the Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Machinery & Equipment and Transportation segments of the global industry. For over a decade, Gowra has provided many Engineering support solutions to various companies around the world. Gowra focuses in building multi-technology knowledge resources to manage our offshore development center in India. We work with our clients to cut down their product development cost , reduce lead time by providing Engineering Support-services in the areas of Design, Analysis & Manufacturing support.


  • Strong Values – Integrity and transparency in Business relationships.

  • Strong Technical Expertise to meet customer needs.

  • Ability & Inclination to build long-term partnerships with scalable work force

  • Well defined workflow & document management system.

  • Ability to handle aggressive deadlines in the development cycle.

  • Adaptabilty & Flexibility

  • Resources strength from Gowra Group.

To be the preferred Supplier of Tooling including design, manufacturing and proving, as well as components and mechanical assemblies of airframes for Indian and Global aerospace needs.

To this end:

  • - Build world class manufacturing facility in and around Hyderabad.
  • - Recruit, nurture and retain talented, highly skilled design and manufacturing personnel.
  • - Implement highest quality standards and on-time deliveries through the use of streamlined   processes and rigorous project management techniques.

To support and work for the global customers, to add value to their business by providing services from concept design till manufacturing of product with Best Quality, Competitive Price and On Time Delivery.

1. Committed to high quality of work standards.

2. Continuously monitor and improve all our actions towards Customer Satisfaction.

3. Responsible and accountable for the work delegated with integrity.

4. Providing mutual respect to all our associates with dignity.

5. Empower employees by training and providing work opportunities.


Tool and Die Design for Sheet Metal and CompositeStructural components, Jigs and Fixtures for Sub-Systems,Assemblies


A mix of onsite engineers and offshore teams to help improve the time-to-market critical engineering needs of the aerospace clients