GOWRA manufacturing support includes Tool and Die Design for Sheet Metal and Composite Structural components, Jigs and Fixtures for Sub-Systems and Assemblies. Our capability encompasses Machine tool programming for 3,4 and 5 axis machines, simulation for optimisation of tool path for precision component manufaturing.

Engineering Technology Areas

  • Machining
  • Sheet Metal Components
  • Structural Welding
  • Structural Assemblies
  • Heat Treatment,NDT and Surface treatment

Design Expertise

  • Jigs and fixtures for Component machining
  • Vaccum Fixtures for Component machining
  • Press tools and forming Tools (Sheet Metal)
  • Weld Jigs and Fixtures
  • Bonding and Layup tools For Composites & FRP
  • Sub-Assembly, Assembly & Major Assembly Jigs
  • Referencing and acceptance media
  • Ground support / handling equipment

Engineering Expertise

  • Planning and Preparation of Documents
  • CNC Part Programming & Preparation of Operation sketches
  • Project Cost Estimation and Effort Calculations
  • Development of Quality Vendors
  • Optimization of manufacturing process
  • Continuous upgradation of technology


  • Strong Values – Integrity and transparency in Business relationships.

  • Strong Technical Expertise to meet customer needs.

  • Ability & Inclination to build long-term partnerships with scalable work force

  • Well defined workflow & document management system.

  • Ability to handle aggressive deadlines in the development cycle.

  • Adaptabilty & Flexibility

  • Resources strength from Gowra Group.


Tool and Die Design for Sheet Metal and CompositeStructural components, Jigs and Fixtures for Sub-Systems,Assemblies


A mix of onsite engineers and offshore teams to help improve the time-to-market critical engineering needs of the aerospace clients