Engineering Consultancy Services

Gowra's Engineering Consultancy Services has experienced Engineers and Project Leaders that can provide end-to-end knowledge and support to verify your new designs using the unique simulation programs. Applying proven processes as Design for Six Sigma enables you to develop robust solutions faster. We can combine the right knowledge, experience and equipment into a tailor-made solution specific for your needs and support you during the entire life cycle of your products.

  • Our Engineering Consultancy Services has helped many customers to:
  • Optimize quality and performance of their designs
  • Reduce time-to-market by faster design verification and professional testing
  • Find the root cause of failures.


  • Strong Values – Integrity and transparency in Business relationships.

  • Strong Technical Expertise to meet customer needs.

  • Ability & Inclination to build long-term partnerships with scalable work force

  • Well defined workflow & document management system.

  • Ability to handle aggressive deadlines in the development cycle.

  • Adaptabilty & Flexibility

  • Resources strength from Gowra Group.


Tool and Die Design for Sheet Metal and CompositeStructural components, Jigs and Fixtures for Sub-Systems,Assemblies


A mix of onsite engineers and offshore teams to help improve the time-to-market critical engineering needs of the aerospace clients